Kevin - Owner and Founder

Holding the Higher Level Diploma in Sound Therapy (with distinction), from the British Academy of Sound Therapy , Kevin is qualified to provide individual  Sound Therapy  (reflective psychotherapy),  Group Sound Relaxation Therapy , and  Group Sound/Reflective Therapy

Following on from this initial qualification, he has developed his learning in three directions.

  • For corporate clients, he has developed a program of  Sound-assisted, Meditation-based Stress Management training
  • For individuals and groups he had continued to develop and use his knowledge of Sound Therapy.
  • On the spiritual side he has transformed the sound relaxation therapy into sound journeys, and incorporated the self-reflection teaching into his guided meditations and his very popular "Afternoons with ..." monthly sessions.

For over 40 years prior to prior to becoming a therapist, Kevin's professional career was always associated with supporting and/or enabling others ... Intitally (for 12 years) as a sports centre manager, providing recreational facilities, and latterly (for 30+ years) working in, and managing, support desks within several major companies.

What the Clients Say

"The treatments helped identify the sources of my issues, recognise my feelings and why those pop up; giving me a better understanding of my emotions and how to deal with them.  I was able to start making changes to my life which improved my mental health. I feel more balanced as a person and in control of my life. The combination of talking first to identify an issue and then experiencing the amazing sounds and vibrations followed up by another talk were an unknown but amazingly effective concept to me. Kevin has done an exceptional job in making me feel at ease during the sessions. His professionalism and thorough knowledge of what he is doing has after a short treatment time made a real change to my life. Highly recommended."   (Patents Lawyer - European Patents Office)

"Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your advice about how to handle this Garden Leave period. I allowed myself to unplug and just be free from the whole thing the first month....  Now in the second month I feel re-energized and actually curious about what I'll do next. I'm working with a career coach to figure that out. I haven't felt this good or hopeful about professional life in years, maybe ever... You're doing great work with the people you help. Keep at it!" (Former Team Lead at a Risk and Security Agency)

"And now, I no longer suffer from procrastination. A few weeks later I'm aware of what is making me put thing off and that helps. I have some tricks I use during my workdays to avoid falling into the trap, and that helps more and more. I am better armed against people who try to dump their work with me, which saves a lot of clutter on my to do lists. And through this process I have also recognized that I am (too) busy in the combination of my family situation and work.  I am now milder to myself. When I'm tired I don't beleieve I postpone my tasks but that I am giving my body and mind a rest. And that is also a valuable insight for which I am grateful."  (PA to CEO - Large Logistics Company)

" As an experienced therapy-goer I know how important a good connection is with the therapist while being in the therapy. Kevin is a most understanding guide who intuitively knows where to push pull or just let it flow during all of my sessions guided by him. The sounds he brings to my storyline were as impressive as surprisingly in tune with how I could further my journey of self-exploration/guidance and reprogramming.  From all layers of the mind and above, it has enriched me with subtle remembrance and strong broadened horizons of my potential. He is flexible and concerned and I couldn’t have wished for any other guide in any other session."  (Manager - National Government Department)

Personal Background

Growing up during the 60's, in the days when the rock bands he loved and emulated were all turning to eastern gurus etc.,  Kevin felt naturally drawn towards the spiritual side of life, but at the same time, he found the commercial side of what he now describes as " the bliss business" to be somewhat in conflict with the message being advocated. After a few years trying to understand the Tao, the Vedas and Upanishads, and  other esoteric tomes, the interest wore off, as "life" got in the way. Fast forward about 45 years, and a series of traumatic emotional experiences caused a total upheaval of his attitude to life, and as a result all the old studies came back in force, opening him up to an awareness of self which had previously been missing. 

Out of this dramatic change, and being declared redudant by his employer, Kevin initially embarked on a career as a spiritual and emotional counsellor and guide. From there the guided meditations grew into a small online community, and his interest in training to become a sound therapist began.

Kevin still plays bass guitar in a local amateur band. He loves to walk in the local parks, and lives in a modest home in Den Haag, Netherlands, with his wife, their adult daughter, and 2 very lovable cats. Other than that, he has no real hobbies. Life is enough and he enjoys living it with the people he loves, knows, teaches and supports. 

He is always accessible and ready to talk, either in person, by phone or online using a video app such as Google Meet.